Save our Seafront was born when some members of the public came together in 2002 to ask that the derelict Victorian baths at Dun Laoghaire be restored. They continued to pursue this issue for many years and named their group Save our Seafront. In 2005 the Council put forward a plan to erect an apartment block on the baths site. SOS were opposed to this as they wanted the baths to be restored & they also felt that the seafront was an inappropriate place for private residential or commercial development

Save our Seafront organised a protest march & rally which 5000 people attended & this public protest stopped the development. The Council finally intends to restore the Baths shortly which is to be welcomed - even if it has taken 12 years. Unfortunately, at present there is no provision for a swimming facility to be included.

Since then, Save our Seafront has found it necessary to continue to monitor the many proposals, some totally unsuitable, put forward for various developments on our seafront & foreshore, see Campaigns for past and current campaigns.